What You Loved Most Last Month

One thing I know is you guys love a good Amazon find as much as I do! From organization finds to car essentials and more, I wanted to share the top sellers from last month. These finds were too good to gatekeep so I’m glad you loved them as much as I do! You can always find these items and more of my faves on my Amazon Storefront.

01. SUNGLASS ORGANIZER – I love how chic this look in my closet – plus it keeps all my sunglasses organized so I can see every pair.

02. STORAGE BINS – These come in a few different sizes and I love that they are neutral but not clear. That way you can’t see the mess that’s inside them. You can easily add labels to them so you know what’s in each as well.

03. SLIDE-OUT CABINET ORGANIZERS – If you have a small space or just want more storage room in your cabinets, these are perfect. I added them to my kitchen so I can easily access all my food storage containers.

04. SHIRT & HOODIE FOLDER – If you want that perfectly organized closet, then you need this shirt and hoodie folder. It makes it so everything is folded to the same size so they stack nicely. A lot of retailers use these which is how they get those perfectly folded stacks.

05. SNACK BOX – This is perfect for entertaining, movie nights or even road trips. Add all your favorite snacks and you’re good to go.

06. PAPER PLATE DISPENSER – I don’t know about you but I never knew where to store my paper plates. Well this solved my problem while saving space in my cabinets.

07. HEADBOARD MATRESS GAP FILLER – If you have a gap between your headboard and mattress then this is exactly what you need. Plus, it comes with a pocket on the size for your phone or remote.

08. LEATHER SEAT GAP FILLERS – If you have kids or just hate when things fall in between your car seats, then this leather cap filler makes it so nothing can fall through the cracks.

09. DIFFUSER AIR FRESHENER – I love these because you can add whatever scent or essential oil you like. They’re small, inconspicuous and under $10 for a pack of two.

10. DOUBLE SIDED CAR DUSTER & BRUSH – Ever wondered how they seem to get every nook and cranny when you get your car detailed? Well now you can detail your car at home with this nifty device.

I’d love to know what your current Amazon faves are… anything I need to add to my cart?