Everything You Need to Know About The Amazon Big Spring Sale

Amazon is having another huge sale, similar to Prime Day. You’ll be able to save on hundreds of items during their Big Spring Sale. You can take advantage of some amazing deals on everything from spring fashion to tech, home essentials, gadgets, beauty, spring cleaning and more. So, if you’re wondering how to snag the best deals, I’m sharing everything you need to know down below…

Big Spring Sale Details

The Big Spring Sale will be March 20-25 which will be exclusive to Prime members. If you’re not a Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial here. As I mentioned, hundreds of items go on sale which is great, but it can also be a little overwhelming. That’s why I like to share my favorite finds so you never miss a great deal. The other thing to note is certain items may only be on sale for a limited time, so it’s important that you’re quick to check out. There are even lightning deals which are flash sales that run for just a few hours or until the item sells out.

Best Way to Shop

01. Browse My Amazon Storefront

I’ll be updating my Amazon Storefront with my favorite deals and I’ll also be including things I have and love that are on sale. It’s basically a curated shop page that includes all my faves. In fact, you can already take advantage of some early sales, so be sure to check it out and bookmark my page so it’s easy to shop.

02. Follow Me On Instagram

For lightning deals and sales that are only for a limited time, I’ll be sharing those as soon as they pop up on my Instagram stories. Make sure you’re following me here to be notified of these flash sales! Of course, you can also follow me on TikTok as well where I’ll share similar deals.

03. Subscribe to My Newsletter

If you’re not subscribed to my newsletter, sign up here! Get my top sale picks and exclusive finds delivered straight to your inbox. I also share my top online finds once a week with all my subscribers. Don’t worry, I’ll never spam you! I only share the best of the best!

I hope you’re as excited for the Big Spring Sale as I am!

Happy sale shopping!