Amazon Travel Must-Haves


01. Weekender Bag

This $40 weekender bag is such a great price and looks almost identical to the Beis one. The trolley sleeve makes it so convenient for travel and I love the shoe storage, laptop pocket and corduroy exterior.

02. Suitcase Cover

Checking your bag? Well, if you don’t want it to get scratched and all banged up, then you need this suitcase cover. It fits over the top and is so easy to put on.

03. Pill Organizer

I love how chic this pill organizer is. You can fit medicine, vitamins, and all the essentials without having to carry a bunch of bottles. Plus, it’s only $10 and comes in tons of colors.

04. Makeup Bag

This viral makeup bag is not only cute, but the way it unfolds allows you to fit so much more than your average cosmetic bag. It saves space and looks good on your vanity.

05. Passport Holder

This passport holder also has a place for your credit cards which makes it so convenient for travel. You can leave your wallet at home and keep everything safe and protected.

06. Toiletry Bottles

Is it just me or do you find it annoying having to buy travel sized toiletries every time you travel? These bottles are refillable and make it so you can take your favorite shampoo and conditioner on the go.

07. Travel Mirror

This travel mirror is a game changer! It has a built-in light so no matter what the lighting situation is in your hotel room, you can have flawless makeup.

08. Silk Neck Pillow

If you’re traveling long distance, this silk pillow case is a must! It’s so comfy and made out of the same material as my silk pillow case.

09. Makeup Brush Holder

This keeps all my brushes together and organized. It’s only $13 and comes in tons of other colors.

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