5 Amazon Home Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

I love a good Amazon find, especially a gadget that just makes life easier! While I have a ton of Amazon gadgets throughout my home, here are a few of my most recent favorites.

01. Couch Armrest Cup Holder & Tray

I love this couch armrest drink holder and tray! It comes in several colors and is weighted on the sides so it stays put.

02. 3-in-1 Charging Station

This 3-in-1 charging station has a portable night light, Bluetooth speaker, and wireless charging! See what it looks like on my nightstand in this video.

03. Fabric Pill Shaver

I recently posted this video on how I use this fabric pill shaver on my couch. The difference is incredible! It can also be used on your clothes and sweaters.

04. Towel Warmer

If you’re like me and live somewhere cold, then you absolutely need this towel warmer. It makes your baths and showers so luxurious. I mean, is there anything better than getting out of a hot shower to a nice warm towel?

05. Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lights

I have these motion sensor lights in my bathroom which is so convenient for nighttime, especially if you have kids. They’re rechargeable and so easy to install. See them in action in this video.

For more of my favorite home and tech gadgets, visit my Amazon Storefront!