2023 Amazon Top Sellers

Since the year is coming to a close, I wanted to round up everything you (and I both) loved most in 2023! From gadgets to tech, home and organization essentials, there were so many good finds this year. So, here are the 2023 Amazon top sellers. Enjoy!

01. DIMMABLE NIGHT LIGHTS – These look a lot more elevated than your typical night light. Plus, I love that you can adjust the brightness.

02. RETRACTABLE WALL PHONE CHARGER – If you hate having cords everywhere then you need this retractable charger! It’s so discrete you can’t even tell it’s there but gives you the convenience of charging your devices anywhere.

03. CLEAR NON-SLIP CUTTING BOARD – I love this cutting board because it blends in perfectly with your counter top so you can easily cut things whenever you need. No more bulky cutting boards sitting out!

04. MAGNETIC DRY ERASE BOARD & CALENDAR – These are perfect for keeping your family organized. They help me keep track of everyone’s schedules, plus I like to use them for meal planning and grocery lists too.

05. DESKTOP DRY ERASE BOARD & ORGANIZER – I love being able to write down quick notes or to-do lists on this. It’s also so convenient for organizing your office supplies.

06. CLOROX WIPE DISPENSER/HOLDER – This makes your Clorox wipes look so much more aesthetic. No more ugly brightly colored containers – yay!

07. RECHARGEABLE MOTION SENSOR LIGHTS – I put these under my counters in my bathroom and I love them! They’d even be great for a kids bathroom or anywhere you want a little extra lighting that still feels lux.

08. BED SHEET ORGANIZERS – Okay these are a game changer for keeping all your sheets organized! My linen closet used to be a disaster. I never knew what size sheets were what so these really transformed my linen closet and made it look so much nicer.

09. MIXING BOWL SET WITH GRATER ATTACHMENTS – This mixing bowl set is so convenient for meal prepping. Plus, I love that the bottom of the bowls are silicone so they don’t slip on your counter while you’re using them.

10. SPACE SAVING COUNTER SINK MAT – This is perfect for a small bathroom! If you have limited counter space then this helps you utilize your sink for extra space while getting ready.

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